Noria MabasaCollection

Noria Mabasa is a celebrated South African artist who works with ceramic and wood sculpture. She was born in 1938 in Xigalo village, Limpopo, and belongs to the Venda ethnic group. She started making clay sculptures of Domba figures in 1974, following her dreams of an old woman who taught her the traditional craft. In 1983, she was inspired by Venda sculptor Nelson Makhuba to venture into woodcarving. Her work reflects her interest in Venda mythology, spirituality, and women’s issues. She uses clay from her local river bank and wood from the surrounding trees to create her expressive and naturalistic figures. She has exhibited her work locally and internationally and has won several awards, such as the Silver category of the Order of the Baobab in 2002. Noria Mabasa is a pioneer and a legend in South African art.